It all started when...

In 2008 Robin put the vision together for creating an inter-disciplinary wellness centre with the purpose of providing a client centred practice. 

Robin trained & worked in a variety of health disciplines and settings throughout NZ, Australia, & South East Asia. From early beginnings in general obstetrical nursing Robin has also worked as a Psychotherapist. Robin's true passion is Acupuncture and Flower Essences, areas to which she has devoted over 15 years of research and practice.Since 1990 Robin began the journey of intergrating Flower essence theory & practise with traditional Chinese Medicine. She completed her 4 year Diploma of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture and is registered with the NZRA.

Travelling with her parents as a child and experiencing a range of diverse cultures Robin developed an awareness and appreciation of the diverse approaches to Health. Her rich tapestry of experience underpins the ethos of The Stables to create a unique place of healing